Driving Directions:

  • From Southern California:
    Take I-15 north to I-40 east, to Needles, CA. Exit on River Road, then travel north approximately 25 miles. Turn east on Casino Drive and travel about 2 miles.
  • From Phoenix:
    Take US93 to I-40, then travel west to Kingman. Exit at Beale Street (Exit 48, US Highway 93 North), then take Highway 68 west to Laughlin. Travel south on Casino Drive for about 1.5 miles.

Harrah’s self-park parking garage is located behind the hotel and casino, to the east of the resort. It consists of a seven-story structure that is attached to the casino on the garage’s second level. The clearance for this parking structure is 6 feet, 11 inches. However, they do have parking for oversized vehicles in the employee parking garage behind the guest garage and across the street.

There is also a lot that Harrah’s own behind the resort in which they allow you to park your R.V. However in both cases (arriving in an oversized vehicle and/or R.V.), you must contact Harrah’s first to make sure they have a spot available for you. Please also note that the Harrah’s Las Vegas R.V. parking area is just parking only. There aren’t any utility available.

Beginning March 2017, Harrah’s Las Vegas Hotel & Casino began charging patrons (including hotel guests), to park at the resort. Parking fees were subsequently raised and raised once more in March 2018 to the rates posted below.

  • 0 to 1 Hour : Free
  • 1 to 4 Hours : $9
  • 4 to 24 Hours : $12
  • Each additional 24 Hours : $12

Drivers going into the parking garage will receive a ticket when entering. Subsequently, drivers will have to use a self-service kiosk to pay before leaving.

If you are a Total Rewards Card members (the player’s card for Harrah’s Las Vegas and other Caesars Entertainment properties), who have reached Platinum, Diamond or Seven Stars status, parking is free for you.

Do expect traffic to be bad after the show as many others would be competing with you to get out of the parking space. It may be best to stay in the vicinity and walk if you are not keen on being stuck in traffic. Otherwise, we would strongly suggest for you to pick the valet parking for the utmost convenience.

Guests staying at Harrah’s hotel will have the parking fee charged to their hotel bill directly. Their hotel room key doubles as the access card to the parking lots. It is unlimited access for hotel guests without any additional fee (other than the $12 maximum per day). Also, a registered guest at Harrah’s will enjoy free self-park at different Caesars Entertainment hotels without having to pay a new fee.

Directions to Valet Parking:

  • Go straight at the fork in the road off of Koval Lane will lead you down a side road to the hotel. Harrah’s valet parking area and hotel registration area will be marked by signs, and you will take a left-hand turn off of this road to get there.

Harrah’s Las Vegas Hotel Valet Parking Fee:

  • Up to 4 Hours : $15
  • 4 to 6 Hours : $20
  • 6 to 24 Hours : $24
  • Over 24 Hours : $24 for each additional day

As with Harrah’s self-parking program, valet parking will be free for anyone who reached Platinum, Diamond, or Seven Stars status on their Total Rewards card. However, please note that the valet tip is not included in the valet parking cost.